Japanese Denim Jeans
A great pair of jeans
Each pair of jeans is crafted from our custom woven 13oz Vintage Rope dyed Indigo Right To Left Twill denim. When you receive your jeans they are a beautiful deep blue colour, untouched by fades and washes so you can make them your own as you wear them.
Now With a Chain Stitched Hem
Updating our jeans to have a chain stitched hem gives our denim the original finish that echoes back to the ways of old. Both the Slim and Regular leg jeans will be hemmed using this purists technique, giving them a cleaner and more durable finish.
Two Great fits
We have two fits, the Reg Leg and Slim Leg. Made with the same denim in the same factory, the Slim leg has a shorter rise and more of a taper (7" at the hem). Each style comes in 1" waist sizes with a 33" standard inside leg, bespoke leg lengths available.
Woven in Japan
A big part of a great jean comes down to the denim and Japan is the place to go. Each pair is made from 13oz selvedge denim, woven especially for Albam in on the outskirts of Kobe, Japan.
Made in England
Each pair is cut and made by incredibly skilled craftspeople in the north of England in an excellent factory.

A big part of a great jean comes down to how they age.

There are many thoughts on how to care for your jeans, some say "wear them ever, wash them never" others simply wash them as much as they can. Whichever method you prefer, we have found that wearing them as often as possible gives the best fades.

Jamie’s Jeans 2 weeks old.
Worn a few times.
Machine washed before wearing.
James’ Jeans 12 months old.
Worn every day.
Never washed.
Alastair’s Jeans 4 years old.
Worn most days.
Washed regularly.


Choosing the fits:
The Regular Leg is our standard and most relaxed cut, it sits just below the waist and comes with a slight taper from the knee, approximately 7.5" at the hem. Hardly a skinny jean but the slight taper creates an attractive and understated silhouette. The Slim Leg is very similar in shape and style to the Regular leg but with two main differences: it has a shorter rise and it tapers in more on the hem, approximately 7".

Choosing the waist size:
To get the most comfortable fit out of our jeans we offer our jeans in 1" waist sizes. Be aware when choosing a size that our denim gives out around the waist by approximately ¾" so please take that into consideration.

Choosing the leg length:
All of our jeans come in a standard 33" inside leg that when washed will shrink by ¾" in length. We also offer bespoke leg lengths to order, were the jeans will be specially cut and made for you with a customised chain stitched hem. This can take between 2 to 6 weeks, call 020 7247 6254 for the next denim cut date.