April Showers: The Outerwear Edit


Spring outerwear

April showers are a sure sign that the warmer months are coming, and braving the Spring rain is an inevitable part of the transitional season. Never fear, our range Spring jackets will keep you warm and covered until Summer’s here for good. And don’t worry: it’ll be here sooner than you think.

(1) Our Gunney Smock offers a functional lightweight layer—perfect for Spring. Military influenced, it's based on a World War II-era US Army edition garment.

(2) Full-length and regular fitting, the Shop Coat is always classyideal for when the weather isn’t. Brave downpours and unseasonal winds in style.

(3) A multipurpose hooded jacket inspired by vintage sporting styles. Our Equip Jacket is like the perfect ‘90s track jacket: versatile and timeless.

(4) An homage to the Royal Navy parka from nearly half a century ago, the Canvas MK3 Parka is military-inspired and hardwearing enough for even the worst British days. We hope you won’t need it; but it’s good to have, just in case. 

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