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Albam SS17 Printed T-shirts

As part of our Pre SS17 collection, we’ve designed a capsule of t-shirts that incorporate different visual languages rather than straightforward branding. Drawing inspiration from semiotics and cultural criticism, we explored the ways in which nonverbal signifiers can be interchanged to produce aesthetically arresting designs.

“…the whole of human experience, without exception, is an interpretive structure mediated and sustained by signs." John Deely

Braille: The tactile, tangible aspect of braille resonates perfectly with the high-quality construction and finish of all Albam products. For this t-shirt, our 100% cotton single jersey is soft to touch and comfortable to wear.

“The medium is the message.” Marshall McLuhan

Code: The Albam code logo (a morse code ‘A’) references our frequent reinterpretations of military and aviation uniforms. Simple and utilitarian, it’s the perfect way to communicate our design ethos.

“Freed from wisdom and from the teaching that organized it, the image begins to gravitate about its own madness.” Michel Foucalt

Factory: The connection of the factory image with Albam creates the understanding that we work with the UK and Europe’s finest craftsmen and factories. Hidden behind a chest pocket, one must look closely to appreciate the importance we place on the manufacturing process, but once revealed, you’ll realise it was there all along.

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