French craftsmanship: Paraboot


Paraboot Barth boat shoe in marine


Paraboot Michael in Cafe brown

Paraboot Chambord in Black

Paraboot has been in business since 1908, when founder, Rémy Richard, decided to cut out the middleman and start selling the footwear he crafted in his hometown, the small farming village of Izeaux, France, directly to Parisian clients. In 1926, Richard decided to replace the traditional leather soles with thick rubber treads inspired by the boots he saw being worn by blue-collar workers on one of his trips to the U.S.

He developed a system using fine rubber soles which could be sewn to the upper and then glued with liquid latex to a thicker rubber tread. Vulcanising each sole with an old walnut oil press which baked the rubber into steel moulds. The signature Paraboot sole was born.

92 years later Paraboot is a symbol of quality craftsmanship, timeless style, and uncompromising ideals. We have three core styles from superior French footwear specialists. The derby style Chambord shoe, timeless double-stitched Michael and Barth boat shoe are all available in-store and online now.

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