Japanese Denim Utility Jacket


Albam Japanese Denim Utility Jacket AW18

It doesn’t take a denim enthusiast to know that Japan has been perfecting the art of warps and wefts for centuries. The association conjures up images of handmade vintage wooden looms shuttling back and forth.

Our Japanese Denim Utility Jacket is made from 13.5oz selvedge denim, a fabric famous for the time investment and level of skill needed to create it. Japanese selvedge can only be hand-woven to a width of about 31 inches, half the width of your average denim, producing a denser fabric known to evolve organically with each wear.

But that only tells one half of the story. This jacket is styled after the vintage 1950’s workwear and cut to a slightly cropped length. A product of the cross-pollination between post-war American fashions and the obsession it spawned in Japanese denim manufacturer

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