How to Wear White Denim


The white pair of jeans is a delicate garment, and it takes a real special kind of soul to wear it. It requires courage—there’s always a chance of spilling your cup of coffee or glass of red wine on it. It takes creativity—because the crisp whiteness is definitely going to draw a lot of attention. Donning white denim is not a feat that anyone can just pull off. Luckily, we here at Albam are here to help. 

White jeans are best in these summer months when they reflect the beaming sunlight to give your whole outfit a radiating shine. Style your pair with one of Albam’s Workwear Blazers for a Presidential look a la John F. Kennedy, matched with a pair of Paraboot Michaels for a summery style. If that’s too New England prep for you, how about wearing yours with some high-top boots and a colour-coordinated Garment Dyed Sweatshirt for a casual look? Layer it with our hardwearing Mechanics Jacket to finish the look off with a rugged accent.

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