Introducing... Albam Pre AW21

Jul 02, 2021

To launch our High Summer Capsule for 2021 we shot some looks and highjacked the studio of Max Parsons, a designer and visual artist based in Broxbourne. We sat down to talk about the environment he creates in and how it impacts his creative process.


Tell us a bit about your work, your process, and why the fascination with it. 

My personal work is often abstract, using mark making or photographic methods to create images or sample from the environment. It’s a place where I get to experiment and enjoy the process without worrying about a result. The fascination I think comes from playing with process and parameters when making images, observing the results and sharing. The personal work gives me a sense of lateral thinking and unexpected results which often plays in into my practice as a graphic designer.



Where are we?

We’re in my Dad’s studio just down the road from my own. It’s a beautiful space that he converted himself from a chicken house when it was once part of a farm.


Why does this function as a creative space for you?

I have borrowed the space on and off for many years often returning for the privilege of endless materials and tools, that my parents have acquired and salvaged as artists and makers themselves. So with the possibilities and the history of making, it feels quite liberating to me.


How does it feel to work in this space and surrounding?

It is a peaceful space in the right temperature / season, the acoustics and the yellow flooring create a warmth and there a lot of birds around which are ridiculously loud.



Do the growing surroundings come through in your work?

Colour is something that comes to mind, for example the blue tones of a hibiscus flower after it has been in the rain are unavoidable.


Could you talk a bit about how horticulture meets digital and print in your work?

A few years back I took my old epson photo scanner and laptop out on an extension lead in a wheelbarrow into a botanical border and scanned in the pitch of night so that was literally digital meeting horticulture. These scans where blown up onto light-box material and hung up to be illuminated. That was a lot of fun.



Are there any specific items in here that stand out to you as a piece of your father's work

There is a pair of carved wooden slippers or clogs that baffle me, they’re great - made from yew they are kind of curved, minimal and nonsensical in form; part of a series of surreal sculptures. My favourite are the pocket bronzes, or miniatures - a series of small figurative sculptures made to hold in your palm, rough in form they feel as if they were some sort of dug up ancient artefact.


And finally, do your parents as artists influence the work you create, or the language you use?

They can be quite opinionated, so yes. But also their ways of seeing and interests have educated my own definitely.




Built around a set of contemporary preppy fabrics - seersuckers, madrases and cotton loop back - as well as a classic cotton canvas and a sportier compact cotton twill with an easy stretch. The colour palette is natural with a pop of colour through the dusty pink and the madras checks. 

Our high summer capsule offers a contemporary take on the classic East Coast summer wardrobe; where styles morphed from smart to casual, with fluid influences from sports to tailoring, but always resulting in an effortlessly confident outfit.

Our Pre AW21 Capsule is now available, in store and online now