The Humble Tote Bag

Feb 08, 2022




Tote bags are ubiquitous in modern society - a staple for city living and a utilitarian design employed by pretty much everyone!

Even though the classic tote bag has changed shape throughout the ages - the classic design we associate today could be dated back to the 1940's when American manufacturer LL Bean first introduced their 'Ice Carrier - billed as a bag made of builders canvas for hauling ice “from car to ice chest.”

Over the years, the dimensions may change back and fourth but the core design principle is the same - two parallel handles attached to the sides of a strong cloth body.

From chopped wood, to vinyl records and the weekly food shop - we think tote bags are invaluable for hauling items for modern life. We are such believers in them we have had our machinist Ray make a selection for almost every season since the early days of the brand!

Spring/Summer is no different and we have a range of new totes, handmade by Ray in Nottingham using key fabrics from the SS22 season!

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