The Pursuit of comfort - New Jersey styles for SS22

Apr 28, 2022

 George wearing the Vintage Lightweight Sweatshirt in Olive

There's something about a really worn in piece of clothing that's hard to beat. Whether its the fading, the stretch that leads to a comfortable fit or just the emotional attachment. This is something we always have in mind and is part of the ethos of the brand - picturing how a garment will look 6 years down the line and getting excited about it.

Everyone has one or two pieces of clothing that just feel right, but not everyone has the time to put in those sort of hours into their clothing!

With that in mind, we set out to create a line of jersey styles that emulated the feeling of a true, vintage jersey piece. A style that feels loose, relaxed and worn in - feeling just right. Crafted from a new, lighter weight 270 gram jersey - purposely stripped back styling, crafted from an open-ended yarn for a super-soft, worn in hand feel. Even though each sweat will look new from the start, the garment dyed colour base will age and fade with wear!

Our new Vintage Lightweight styles are available in a Crew Neck Sweatshirt and Hooded sweatshirt in a range of new season colours.


 Torren wearing the Vintage Lightweight Hoody in Black (size M)

 Abe wearing the Vintage Lightweight Hoody in Burnt Orange (size M oversized)

 Jermaine wearing the Vintage Lightweight Hoody in Black - layered underneath our Hoy Smock

 Torren wearing the Vintage Lightweight Sweatshirt in Navy (Size M)