We visit the world famous Halley Stevensons!

Apr 14, 2021



Halley Stevenson’s history of manufacturing textiles can be traced back all the
way to 1864 - pioneering the development of waxed cotton and then evolving into
specialist dying and finishing. With such a rich history, you’d think the team would
stick to what they know and have perfected - we caught up with our friends Jimmy
and David to learn that although heritage and tradition is a big part of who they are,
innovation and development is what keeps them moving forward.
With this in mind, Halley work with natural cloth that’s sustainably sourced with a
focus on performance without being over engineered. “We steer clear of back street
weavers! we try to keep it as natural as we can - if the cloth is not high quality then
we can’t make something high quality out of it” says Jimmy 


For SS21, we worked with the team at Halley Stevenson’s to develop the fabric
used on our Haston Parka and Boardman smock. Something light and crisp feeling,
reminiscent of a vintage performance fabric used on classic outerwear but crafted
using a natural cloth and lower impact manufacturing to create something that feels
The resulting fabric is an organic, low-impact, non-bleached cotton ripstop which
has been coated in the mill in Dundee using a 50% plant-based polyurethane which
gives water and wind protection, while being breathable and built to last, but which
will get better with every wear.



“We are boffins, which I suppose leads us to being quite unique – I think
somebody coined the phrase ‘textile scientists’ or something like that! We enjoy
what we do and I genuinely mean that – we love working with people we have
worked with for a long time, we love the development process and involving as
many people as we can to get it right. We may be guilty of getting too involved
in that process and not stepping back and telling people what we do – but we
are working on that!”