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To celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the opening of our Beak Street store, we have teamed up with Mamnick to create two limited edition accessories. Crafted in the heart of Sheffield using British steel, these tools perfectly represent our core values of timeless design and high-quality construction. Just like our garments, these items will age and develop with time to become truly unique.

Chippie Fork

Inspired by the British love of chips and the role the traditional chip shop plays at the heart of the community, our Chippie Fork is crafted in Sheffield from a carbon coated, strengthened and hardened British steel. Features a bottle opener and chip fork and can be attached to a key ring or worn on a chain.

Numbered and limited to 100 pieces.
Army Knife

The British Army Knife is based on a standard issue survival knife and is crafted in Sheffield from a strengthened and hardened British Steel. Featuring a 6cm Sheepfoot blade, marlin spike for rope work, bottle opener and integrated screwdriver.

Numbered and limited to 20 pieces.

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