New in: Overdyed Classic T and Easy Shirt


albam x Hand Job Dyeing House colab

Hand Job Dye House x albam outfit

Hand Job Dye House x albam t-shirt

In our latest collaboration, we—literally—treat the t-shirt as a blank canvas. The guys behind Story MFG have opened a natural dye house in east London called Hand Job Dye House, and as you’d expect from a brand leading the way in sustainable fashion, they work exclusively with natural dyes such as avocado and natural indigo.

Our first collection together combines our wardrobe essentials, the Classic T and Easy Shirt, with Hand Job’s all-natural Indian indigo dye. Coming from the indigofera tinctoria plant, this natural indigo is effected by the quality of soil, weather and plant type—a lot like wine.  Every piece will be slightly different depending on how it takes to the dye, and like a pair of jeans, the intensity and colour of the piece will develop over time depending on wear. Remember that natural indigo transfers to lighter colours (especially when wet) so plan to wear it with other colours accordingly.

Available in-store now and coming soon online

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