Albam Talks

albam talks
Here at Albam we have always celebrated creativity. ‘Albam Talks’ is a series in which we take a bit of time out to talk to creative individuals. With no set theme, we pick their brains for insight into what it means to be creative in their world. For the first installment we explore the minds of writers, discovering what makes them tick. Interviewed by Nathan Sharp alongside friend and long time collaborator John Spinks behind the lens, we hope you enjoy ‘Albam Talks: Writers’.
Finding the Perfect Grapefruit: a Conversation with Mark Lazenby Mark Lazenby is a British collagist, with a distinctive visual language he’s developed over the course of a career spanning more than 30 years... more
The Agony of the Blank Canvas: a Conversation with Dexter Dalwood Dexter Dalwood is a Turner Prize-nominated painter, whose work engages with the parallel streams of world history and art history through strikingly realised scenes... more
Grown Up from the Earth: a Conversation with Martyn Cross Martyn Cross is a British artist, known for his paintings that explore the Medieval and the modern... more
Stillness, Openness, and Interruption: a Conversation with Kayo Chingonyi Kayo Chingonyi is a Zambian-British poet, musician, DJ, and broadcaster. With a deeply personal poetic voice and an unconventional approach to language... more
Paying Attention: a Conversation with David Hayden David Hayden is an Irish writer, born in Dublin, now living and working in Norwich... more
The Portable Best Friend: a Conversation with Lemn Sissay Lemn Sissay OBE is a British poet, memoirist, and dramatist. At 18 he moved to Manchester to begin his career as a poet... more
The Whole Thing a Misadventure: a Conversation with Alan Trotter Alan Trotter is a Scottish writer, living and working in Edinburgh. His debut novel, Muscle, was published in 2019 by Faber & Faber... more